Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#3. Cooking

This is an impromptu post, so that i can enter a contest. :D Weight-loss inspiration and occasional lunch-buddy Jen is giving away a cookbook and apron at her website, Prior Fat Girl. my co-worker Amanda has started her own blog within Jen's empire. so i get to hear a lot about them.

How long have i been cooking? Well, my mom always made us help her cook dinner. she always made it look so easy and everything was ready to put on the table at the same time. I think she had many years of practice. when i try to make more than one thing at once, though, it seems the potatoes are done 15 mins before the meat or veggies, so I leave them in the oven to keep warm, but they dry out, and so on and so forth. (it doesn't help when the person i've invited over for dinner is 30 minutes LATE!) I like baking better, but that's a future post.

Why? I, like most people, have to eat. and sometimes, I like to make something more than soup or a sandwich. Generally things I cook for dinner are semi-disasters, which is why i stick to spaghetti or chicken fajitas.

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Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i really like this post :) i enjoy reading people's stuff when it's actually how they speak. i also enjoy tasting all of your kitchen triumphs ... and even the nontriumphs. or the things that began as triumphs and turned into a stinky, gooey mess in my trash can.