Friday, January 8, 2010

Random stuff

I've been intending to write a post about a specific hobby (skiing, since our annual family ski vaca was last week), but the pictures are on my other computer, and it's cold down there, so I'll just write about other stuff on my mind.

  • Been watching lots of Food Network recently. Just watched the Good Eats about soybeans, although mostly edamame. I generally don't like edamame, but he made a hummus-type dip out of them that sounds interesting. Also, became a fan of Alton on Facebook and people mentioned his show from Monday was about how he lost 50 pounds without going on a diet. The episode, Live and Let Diet, is going to air again on Jan. 14 at 10 pm (Central time). I've already set my DVR. This is why I like Weight Watcher's mantra: it's not a diet, it's a way of life! Sometimes it's hard to resist the foods that taste so good to me (chocolate! cookies! chips!) but you'll love yourself more in the long run (for a longer time) if you eat healthier foods now. I'm trying to avoid of future of high blood pressure, bypass surgery, drug eluding stents, and Lipitor while I still have control. My annual physical is set for February, so I'm hoping that my cholesterol is below the high-risk level again!
  • I bought some packets of yeast (had a coupon, of course), and I think I'll make this recipe for Honey bread eventually. Tonight I got back into my baking groove with "Healthified" Oatmeal Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookies (quite the name). even though it was about 9 pm I had to have one, and mmm. it calls for "natural" PB (no sugar or salt added), but natural PB as the same nutritionals as regular PB, so i say, just use what ya got. I wonder if could half the 1/2 cup of PB it calls for and use 1/4 c. of Better 'n PB, and less honey?
  • Got an idea for a video addition that maybe amanda and I could do together: Drunken Baking. Would anyone find that amusing? everything's funnier when you've had a few, especially things that involve sharp knives and hot ovens...
  • Other Amanda (no blog) has become a knitter! she has completed half of a set of wristlets. Here's a pattern from Joann's using circular double-pointed needles. My next challenge in knitting might be socks. Need to get a good pattern and the right supplies first, already got some bamboo yarn.
  • I accomplished a lot of knitting for the holidays. I made my sister a bulky black scarf (finished it on Christmas Eve!), hats for 3 people (and they all liked them! I was so happy!), a coffee cozy for Jen P, and I gave someone the white scarf I worked on last summer (instead of giving it to Project WarmHearts). So I have a completed black scarf to give away, and I'm halfway done with a thick grey scarf that I think a guy would like. But tomorrow I'm going to browse the Joann superstore in Maplewood...I received a crocheting calendar for christmas (I told mom to buy it for me) and there's a pattern for an afghan that struck my fancy, but it takes 15 skeins of moderately-priced yarn, so I'm not sure if I should plunge into that or start with something simplier. Someone at my work just had a preemie (4 weeks early, on my sister's birthday actually), maybe I'll knit him a baby cap!
  • Got a busy day planned tomorrow. Shopping at Joann's (for the aforementioned yarn, and maybe the new yarn by the Stitch 'n Bitch author, and i want to feel the new Hometown yarn, maybe make some maroon and gold scarves and hats...or just use the Minneapolis yarn, it's purple, in honor of Prince, I'd imagine), Joe's sporting goods (looking for stuff on sale), Half-Price books (for cheap 2010 calendars, a daily planner for food, activity, and events tracking, and any Charlene Harris books for cheap), Petsmart (to return the crappy booties i got and to get some pet-safe ice melt), and then to see Youth in Revolt at Rosedale with Rhi! and THEN, going to A Night at the Oscars at the orchestra with Jen P!
Now i'd better take the dog out to potty and get to bed!

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Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i had no idea about alton! and i love him!!! i'm setting the DVR as soon as i get home.

drunken baking sounds fab :)