Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beading with friends!

The weekend's second attempt at cooking without a recipe is now in the oven! didn't take any pictures during the assembly; will put up a pic of the final result (it's pumpkin stuffed shells).

The actual subject of this post is a hobby I have done in the past but not in a while: beading! my friend Laura has a HUGE collection of beads (she has been known to buy other people's entire beading collections, including tools). They are very well organized (better than the one cabootle i have mine in!):
Yeah. I love organization!
We Laura and her mother-in-law Shirley helped us make our pick of the following: 2 pairs of earrings, stretchy bracelet, bookmark, wineglass charms, or badge lanyard. Jen made wine charms (unassembled, from her twitter page):
Shirley helps Rhiannon with her bookmark:
Abby's cute earrings have another function:
Working on my badge lanyard (purple, of course!):
The supplies:
Final product:
Happy beaders: Deanna, Laura, Gabbi, Matt, Poonam:
Matt enjoys being the only guy hanging out with a bunch of women. He's the happy Bartender Man!
He makes some tasty drink (that pomegrante martini was stronger than it tasted, as evidenced by the video that I have yet to see...)
Ugh, all that yummy.

There were a few females in the house who did not make anything. Here's one of them.
very curious.

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