Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#3.2 Cooking

This weekend I decided to make something with the shrimp in my freezer. thus, Spicy Lime Shrimp Tacos were invented. I got some ideas from recipes on allrecipes.com.
Obligatory "assemble all the ingredients" post.

WAAAAAAAY too much shrimp (amanda had two bags in her freezer and since she's a veg now, she wanted to get rid of it), zucchini, squash, onion, peppers, limes, cayenne pepper (used chili powder too), lite soy sauce, can o' corn. sooo....let's see where this goes.

Juicin' the lime.
IT'S A LIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm a hand model!
Jen made spanish rice (sadly, not vegetarian, which i kind of thought was implied in rice, but whatev) and I actually put the shrimp in a serving dish! I made a non-shrimp version for amanda.
Assembled with cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce, on a whole wheat tortilla!

Amanda says "yum!"
Jen gives it a thumbs up! or maybe 3/4 of a thumbs up.

Then we watched THE TWINS WIN THE CENTRAL DIVISION and Amanda wrote a post too :D. but i totally posted mine FIRST!
I will be submitting my "original" "recipe" to jen at priorfatgirl's e-cookbook! you can submit one too! or sign up to get the cookbook when it comes out!

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Dinner looks delish!