Saturday, October 3, 2009

#5.2 Lazy Baking

I usually bake from scratch these days, but there's nothing wrong with using a bag or box of mix occasionally! or most of the time. or all the time. plenty of things are definitely better from a mix (cake, for sure) and always easier. Last Tuesday, I made two mixes that had been sitting in my cupboard in a while, taking up space, and i decided now was finally the time to whip them up. and i took pictures. these are those pictures. (DUNG DUNG) (law and order)

For Jen E's poker night, i made up the Tiramisu kit that my boss had given me as a housewarming gift (let's pretend i haven't lived in my house for two years, k?). The reason i hadn't made it up until this point were some of the ingredients: coffee and amaretto. i have since acquired some instant coffee, for the occasional visitor who wants some, and decided to buy some amaretto. (Jen P's hot chocolate at the orchestra last weekend may have had something to do with that! also, it's good in coke. or just about anything, we decided.) The other ingredient was milk, so i got some of that and here we go!
Lady fingers, coffee+amaretto, and the Disaronna! and the pretty purple box.

Whipping the milk with the powder. it is hard to do this while taking a picture. make sure you whip at the highest speed to get the right consistency!

Cream filling applied and cocoa powder sifted on top!
It turned out well. i'm eating the leftovers right now. mmm...

I also made up the blueberry VitaMuffin mix!
They look totally boring (it suggests garnishing with fresh blueberries, but i didn't buy any), but they are totally good and fibery. a good alternative to Vitatops if you don't have any room in your freezer for the originals!

Of course, after all this "baking," i'm still left with this:
If it can't go in the dishwasher, it usually sits in my sink until i get the motivation to wash by hand. fortunately, most things can go in the DW!

The next hobby will be...knitting or simming.

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AND...lemme just be the first to comment and say lazy baking = Tiramisu = LOVE!