Monday, May 24, 2010


New season, new things to grow! Here's what I've got cooking.

Mom brought some pots from home and i used one to make a pretty arrangement for the front path. I don't remember what's what, but as you can see, i am going for a purple and pink theme.

Instead of putting a pot of flowers in this spot, i moved the rock back and put some fresh dirt in the old sandy stuff and a variety of flowers.

i put the extra flowers in a hanging pot, which i have no place to hang!

In the back... i put in a lot of seeds, so i'm letting everything grow. not sure if any are weeds! the pink flowers are a geranium i got for my birthday (from Karyn, i think. or whoever else brought a flower, i forget. sorry friend, but i love it!).
can you see the gnome in the middle, hiding amongst the lilies?
i put in white and red lilies last fall, so hopefully i have a wide variety of colors. so that's what's happening at my house! more pictures to come as things bloom!

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