Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pottery, Part 2: the Reveal!

When painting with the glaze, everything looks pastely, so you're never sure how the final product is going to turn out! Fortunately, all of ours turned out great!
My vase:
I intentionally only did one coat on the inside, and on the outside I probably should have done another coat to get it more solid and less streaky, but once the glaze dried, it was hard to tell where I'd done 3 coats already!
Matt's stein:
with the sponge-paint technique.
Laura's bowl:
Amanda B and her bowl, turned out great!:
She sponged the inside:
Action shot! Amanda K's reaction to her bowl:
She did very good with the tape.
I didn't pick up Rhi and Lisa's, so here are the pictures Lisa took and posted on facebook:
Rhi's bowl (i think it came with chopsticks, but those were not glazed):
The inside of Lisa's platter:
It took her a LONG time to do the yellow background, and then the detail on the stenciled fruits, cake, and coffee cup. I'm sure her SIL will love it!

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