Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter cooking, part 2

this morning, after getting up too early then going back to bed for an hour, I was busy cooking again! First thing I made is a weight watchers recipe for Spiced Peanut Butter cookies. I first made these for Christmas in 2009 when i gave my coworkers cookie plates. They seemed too soupy to roll into balls to be mashed and cross-hashed, like you do with PB cookies usually. so after the first sheet was cooked, i added about 1/4 c. flour. then as the batter sat on the counter, it kind of firmed up. so i probably could have rolled them, instead of they baked more like chocolate chip cookies. makes no difference to how they taste! what did make a difference, is i added an extra 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes. every bite is surprisingly spicy!
The best part of these cookies is they are made of chickpeas.
pureed chickpeas are smelly.
ready for the oven:
that's it for now; off to a super bowl party!

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