Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter cooking, part 3

More recipes and pictures! It was a busy weekend. on Sunday I also made Artichoke Hummus from this Hungry Girl recipe. I also used my blender to puree the chickpeas, instead of mashing them with fork. No process photos, just the final shot with some ingredients.
Just as good as any store-bought hummus! probably better, since it was fresh. the other super bowl-party goers didn't eat much, but there were plenty of other options (a lot of the celery was eaten though because we got spicy wings from Papa John's). Monday's veggie clubbers were very hungry though--all the veggies were gone and a lot of the hummus!

Amongst the cookies and dip, I made my latest favorite breakfast--for lunch. It's Michelle's breakfast sandwich!
1. In a small fry pan sprayed with cooking spray over medium heat, pour in a little less than 1/4 c. of egg whites (i don't really like cooked eggs, so i prefer egg white omlets and stuff, but you could use regular egg beaters too). cook until the top is no longer shiny and the edges kind of crackle. flip it over (I use a big pancake spatula for full coverage).
2. Toast an English muffin. Spread both sides with your favorite wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (i used Garlic and Herb, but the tomato and basil one is also good).

3. once the egg is cooked, fold it into quarters and place on english muffin. in the fry pan, cook a couple of thin-sliced pieces of lunch meat (i prefer ham; one thicker slice would also work, or canadian bacon). the meat doesn't really need to cook, just warm up a bit.
4. Eat! *nom nom nom*
So delicious.

My fridge is now packed, after the big shopping trip and all the cooking!
Leftover for a week!

this has been another installment of Cooking with Michelle. bonjour!

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