Thursday, June 3, 2010

WBC, day 3

This afternoon I got really tired. I don't know if I can attribute that to the cleanse, although the materials do say to take it easy, in terms of exercise, so as to not overstrain yourself, or something. I got the usual amount of sleep last night and wasn't overly sluggish in the morning, but I did do a lot of walking around at work today. So I don't know! i didn't exercise even though I brought my clothes to work; after walking the dog, i watched the news, then took a nap on the couch. I was awoken by my phone ringing at 7:50, but it was an unknown number. which was annoying, but i didn't need to sleep any longer anyway! So i'm going to bed at 10:30 tonight. I hope, if it rains, that it doesn't thunder too much.
In other notable news, i was reading on the FAQs that you can cut back on the Fiber capsules if things aren't...moving very quickly. considering 8 of the caps are 16% of your DV of fiber, and i get plenty every day (such as from my new favorite gnu "Fiber and Flavor" bars, 48% DV), i didn't take the 4 fiber caps tonight, just the 3 lax and 1 milk thistle. so we'll see if that makes any difference.
Saturday is the Heart Walk...hopefully I am feeling more energetic by then! Tomorrow night I want to go climb the Witch Hat Tower, then I need to go to the grocery store and make something for our post-walk BBQ (walnut rhubarb coffee cake, never made it before) and get a good night's sleep! We have to be at Target Field by 8:20 for a team picture.

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