Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whole Body Cleanse: done

Cleanse over! i feel like a new person!!

okay, not really. actually day 14 was 3 days ago...maybe i didn't change my eating enough to make a difference. maybe the contents of the pills didn't do anything for me. so i don't know. my advice: if you want a real cleanse, do a good one, and really go for it. maybe take a vacation at the same time, or go to a retreat/spa. don't just take some pills and expect miracles! (I was not expecting miracles.)

My 5k is 9 days away...must start running every day! I ran yesterday when i got up (6:40 to 7:10 am)...then had mexican (and 2 sangrias) for supper. today, chinese for lunch! already had second breakfast (fruit and a cookie at 9:30). so i'm going to have a lot of cals to burn off tonight!

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