Sunday, February 21, 2010

Non-hobby post: Things that made me happy today

1. Sale at Michael's! I've been looking for some poster frames for a while so a few things can move from sticky mounting squares to real frames! and so i can hang up the Current 5th Birthday Party poster i got. at michael's, all frames are 40% off, plus there were coupons in the sales flyer today to get and additional 25% off your entire purchase of frames. so i got all these for $70! normally the biggest one is $50! I don't know which one i'll like better for the Current poster, so i'll be taking one back anyway. My posters are all weird sizes, it's so annoying. and custom framing is waaaaaaay more than i want to pay for a cheap poster. (I did frame some art i bought at the Uptown Art Fair last year, and the framing was more than the matted picture! even with a 60% off coupon!)

2. This critter. always wanting attention.
3. My new favorite Starbucks coffee! after surviving Michael's (which, by the way, is my new favorite craft store in Maplewood), Joann's, and Target, I decided I needed a coffee to make it through grocery shopping. This is a Grande decaf skinny cinnamon dulce latte. I don't know why that required so many notes on the cup. it lasted through shopping, and it was soooo good.
4. It's jelly bean season!! The Sweetart jelly beans are my favorite. i had to rip open the bag as soon as i got into the car.
5. Organized purses in my closet! I wanted some sort of cubby system to keep them in, so i could see all of them, but i couldn't find anything like that in the stores, and i wasn't going to bother to build it, so when i saw these totes at Target yesterday, i decided they would work. i had to go back and get a 3rd one today. so now i can sort through my purses without them falling on my head! (don't you dare say i have too many purses. this is probably 10 years worth, and if i buy on average 2-3 a year...i go back and use them again. i'm going to get rid of the ones i don't use.)
I enjoy being organized. here's the opposite side of the closet:
I did have to clean it up a bit before i took the picture, though.

STILL following me around:
6. Bought myself flowers! i had intended to get tulips, but the roses were prettier.
7. Made a recipe from the WW cookbook mom gave me for christmas, wearing the apron holly made me, using the crockpot i got for christmas a few years ago! Also happy I got a gorilla tripod for christmas, which allowed me to wrap my camera vertically around a table leg to take this picture. the recipe is "Tropical Chicken"; i don't intend to make the "later" recipe, as this is going to be my lunch and dinners during the week. (today I finally finished the curry soup i made...three weeks ago?, and the lasagna from 2 weeks ago for lunch on thursday.)

Things that did NOT make me happy today:
1. cleaning the skin off the chicken breasts, and cutting some bones off. never using bone-in chicken again. considered going veg.
2. Neither Michael's nor Joann's had the color of yarn i wanted in the brand i'm using for a afghan i've already started. so i got something else in yellow! it'll work; if it doesn't, the baby recipient won't know the difference.