Sunday, June 3, 2012

Get those Deals out of your inbox!

I subscribe to so many of those daily emails that get you 40 or 50 or 75% off of something. but I get like 20 of them a day! I hate having unread emails in my inbox so I have to go through all of them, either looking at them and deleting them or just clicking the box and deleting without looking at them. But I still want them; if I didn't want them, I would unsubscribe! so today I realized...create labels and a filter in Gmail to make them stay out of my inbox and go straight into a separate folder! So here's one way to do it (in Gmail. if you don't have Gmail, then get a gmail already for heaven's sakes).
1. Create a label, I called mine "Discounts."
2. Do a search for the subject or sender of each kind of email deal you get. (I only just realized that when you do a search in Gmail, there's a little dropdown arrow in the field that gives you these more detailed search options! sweet!) At the bottom of that dropdown window, click "Create filter with this search".

3. Check the boxes for "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)," "Apply the Label:" (then pick the label you created), and if you want to move everything currently in your inbox to this filter, click the box at the bottom.

 4. Do a search for each deal sender.  Here's how mine look.

Then, you will have all your deals in one place! I have 2,462 in that folder. Probably time to delete a few thousand.