Monday, December 5, 2011

favorites of 2011

Not finished yet.
Vomit by Girls - because you don't expect a song named that to be so majestic and moving. the end sounds like something the Stones would have done.
Midnight City by M83
Paradise by Coldplay - I admit to being in the camp who hates coldplay just because they are Coldplay. And because I don't like a lot of their songs. this song i crank up when it comes on the radio.
A Little Bit of Everything by Dawes
Wandering Star - Polica
Ritual Union - Little Dragon

w h o k i l l by Tune-yards - anything that sounds like nothing i've ever heard automatically goes to the top of my list.

sick of:
If i never hear another song from the Bon Iver album, it will be too soon. JUST GET OVER HIM ALREADY, MUSIC INDUSTRY. FOR EMMA WAS BETTER.
Adele. overplayed.