Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Fringe Round-up!

Shows I saw and how I rate them:

1. Underneath the Lintel: 5 kitties
2. Our Freaking Kids Show: 4
3. Rambler Family Ramblers...: 2
4. Smothers Brothers Grimm: 4
5. Brain Fighters: 5
6. Proper way to beat a dead horse: 1
7. MacBeth Video Game Remix: 5
8. Disney Dethroned: 4
9. Balls Out!: 5
10. 7 (x1) Samurai: 3
11. History Camp: 5
12: Uptown the Musical: 4
13. Comedy = Tragedy + Someone Else: 3
14. You only live forever once: 4
15. Minnesota: Finally Famous: 2
16. Entwined: 4
17. How Do You See It: 4
18. Minnesota Middle Finger: 3
19. Knit One, Purl the Other: 4
20. Once Upon a time in the Suburbs: 4
21. Death Perception: 4
22. Blood and 2 Gingers: 3
23. Nightmare in Bakersfield: 4
24. Sousepaw: 3

My ratings are based on how much I enjoyed the show. and I enjoy, above all else, humor and music. for a "drama" to get a 4 or 5 from me, it has to be well-written, well-acted, and so engaging that my mind doesn't wander off. I'd say Underneath the Lintel fit that requirement... so it kind of set the bar high for the rest of the festival. Sousepaw got lots of good reviews, so I reserved a ticket to make sure I saw it. It was more "theatery" then most of the other shows. i'd say it was well-acted and well-written, but it was a full house and I couldn't see very well from where i was sitting.
There are lots of shows I wanted to see but either didn't have time, or they sold out before I got in. oh well, the world keeps turning.