Saturday, January 14, 2012

Craft Day Resumes!

When the mercury drops and the snow flies (it actually snowed today, OMG!), we take to our warm(ish) houses and settle in. And we often craft to keep from going crazy. Today Karyn hosted the crafty girls at her house! The main theme was scrapbooking, but others made cards or knitted, crochet, and cross-stitched. We all ate and drank a bit too!
Delicious dishes:

Cheese sampler; bread I brought; bagels from Brueggers and cream cheese (not pictured: great egg bake in the crockpot, and Laura's raspberry muffins)
Closeup on the fruit:

Jen's not much of a scrapbooker. She worked on both of her crochet projects, and a bit of the cross-stitched samurai.

 I brought some hootch! Laura decided to improve her cranberry juice.
 Hard-core card makers! we were impressed with their creations.
 The scrapbooking table, with Saleh, Karyn, and Jen.
I finished 2 years worth of ski trips (9 pages from Park City 2000; 5 or 6 pages from Breckenridge 1999). My scrapbook technique is basically "glue pictures to pages." Nothing too fancy.

I also recently finished a couple of yarn projects. check them out on ravelry:
Bumpy Hat
Insou hat
If you weren't already aware, I love purple.

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